S.W. Cotten

S.W. Cotten was a bike dealer in New York city who had frames made by and studied under master builder W.B. Hurlow in the United Kingdom. It is unclear whether this particular frame was made by Hurlow or Cotten. The information handed down from the original owner was that Cotten made it. It is now… Read More S.W. Cotten


Shellac on cloth bar tape is one of the services we offer here at the shop. If you enjoy the feel of cloth bar tape and are looking for a very durable, long lasting finish in a the classic cyclotourist style we can help. Below you can see the process. The service costs $25 plus… Read More Shellac


Take a ride on your silverĀ machine, and you won’t feel mean when you treat your feet to a pair of these socks, turning up the style volume to one past ten. Now stocking Sweet Marcel, Stinky Marcel and Volar Active socks. Please inquire about styles and sizes available.

Block Prints

Limited edition block prints now available! The three larger prints measure 9.25 inches by 12.5 inches. The smaller print measures 8.5 inches by 4.75 inches. Large prints are $25 postage paid and the small print is $12 postage paid. Clockwise from upper left: Fausto Coppi’s Hour Record, 1950s Bertin advertisement, 1940s matchbook cover for a… Read More Block Prints